Welcome to Sentinel!

Welcome to STS

For those of you who have been following this blog from the start, you know that it used to be called Star Trek: Prometheus, and then it was called Star Trek: Challenger, and you know that all along, through all of the changes, it’s been a labour of love.

I renamed the site for what I intend to be the very last time on the 3rd of April 2016, after being told by a fan of my blog that there was already a USS Challenger out there – and she directed to the ‘New Earth’ series of Star Trek novels.  The latest and last rename for the site happened after one previous name change that occurred on the 23rd of December 2016 when I discovered a new series of novels were about to be released by Cross Cult (the German publisher of Star Trek novels and comics) called Star Trek: Prometheus.

That first rename happened to avoid any confusion between my work of fan fiction and a licensed work of Star Trek fiction.  After I decided to make some changes out of respect for the authors of the new licensed novels, I started the process of rewriting my Prometheus novel and changing the title of the book and the class of the starship I’d chosen to use.  I went through that process again after finding out about the ‘New Earth’ novels in late March of 2016.

Star Trek: Sentinel is still a labour of love, perhaps even more so now.

I’d originally chosen the Prometheus Class because I loved the look of the ship, and thought it had been grossly underused since it’s introduction in Star Trek: Voyager.

It wasn’t my favourite starship design, but it was pretty damn cool and I thought it deserved more love and attention than it had received.

My favourite starship designs of all time are the Constitution Class refit, first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Galaxy Class made famous in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the Ambassador Class made famous in the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

When I started writing Star Trek: Prometheus over a year ago, I’d been having trouble deciding on the class of vessel to use, and I had been tossing up between either the Ambassador Class or the Akira Class ship, another design I liked.

The book didn’t have a name, all I had were the characters and plot and a desire to explore the prime universe post the explosion of Romulus.  I hadn’t originally intended to name the book after a starship, despite the fact that that naming practice had been well established thanks to Voyager, Enterprise and even Deep Space Nine, I’d wanted to name it along the lines of The Next Generation… but was having real trouble finding something that didn’t sound wanky.

I decided on the Prometheus Class by accident, while rewatching some Voyager episodes.  Suddenly my book and the series I was going to base it on, had a ship and a name.

Originally, I had wanted, more than anything, to use an Ambassador Class starship, but had ultimately decided against it because Peter David was using one in his New Frontier series.  I ended up deciding against using an Akira Class because I just didn’t know enough about the ships.

When I learned of the German produced Prometheus novels on the 22nd of December 2015, I knew I had to go back to the drawing board, but this time I knew something I didn’t know over a year ago – the USS Excalibur, the ship in Peter David’s wonderful set of books, had been upgraded to a Galaxy Class vessel.  The Ambassador Class from free to use.

That made my decision for me.

The Ambassador Class is an old class of starship, but a sturdy one.  Like the Excelsior Class before it, it was still in use by the Federation decades after its first commissioning.

So now, the book, my imaginary television series, and this site, are closer to what I had originally wanted them to be.

STS Novelisation Book Cover

It’s sad I can’t use the USS Challenger anymore, because the Space Shuttle Challenger and its history mean a great deal to me, but those are the breaks!  It’s nice known the USS Challenger is in the hands of a writer as talented as Diane Carey.

Everything on this site is a work of fandom and love.  Star Trek, and science fiction in general, is important to me, and writing about it in as many ways as I can is relaxing, and to me, a meaningful use of my rare free time.

So, who’s behind this site?

A diehard Star Trek and science fiction fan, a professional writer and actor (among other things), and someone who has been working on and off in the entertainment industry for about 25 years – ever since I was a teenager.

The home page of this site will be news on all things Star Trek, while other parts of the site will be dedicated to my novel and a series of episodes focused on what I’d do if I had the chance to create my own television series.

Hope you enjoy looking through it and reading the content, and thanks for checking out my blog!



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